Link between business community and students

As an AAU CC you automatically become part of a project aiming to promote your abilities and build on the theoretical knowledge you may have acquired through your study. By achieving work-related skills that are not offered through your study, you become more attractive to employments. Thus you are helping to create a connection between your theoretical knowledge and your work-related competencies.

A Resumé that counts

As a participant in AAU Case Competition you get opportunity to strength your CV, gain insight in case company challenges and bee seen by relevant companies. To participant in AAU Case Competition is also a unique opportunity to improve your capabilities in problem solving and case-based tasks a working method that is becoming more frequently used in the work placements. By building on your CV shows that you are willing to prepare for your professional career along with other talented students. Furthermore, building it in a setting where your skills, creativity and ideas will be put to the test in a professional setting.

Compete for the winner title of AAU Case Competition

By participating in AAU CC you are competing to win this semesters’ case competition, which will put you in brighter future. You will get the chance to test your own knowledge with and against other students to develop a solution for the problem that is set by case company.

Networking with your prospect colleagues and fellow students

Beside participating in competition AAU CC is a great opportunity to network with your prospect colleagues, companies and fellow students, who is participating in AAU CC.

Win amazing prizes

A good reason to attend is that it’s free for you. We provide food, lodge and everything you can think of during the case. We are here for you and your opportunities.

You also get the opportunity to win great prizes. The team with the best solution for the case will be awarded according to the panel of judges.