Case 2022: KMD

For half a century, KMD has digitized cities, societies and organisations and made life easier for millions of people.

Increasingly, KMD wants to offer their expertise and technological products in making the World greener and more sustainable, and in this year’s Case Competition, they will present cases, which invite you to set your mark on that mission.

Whether you are curious about technology or business development, you are highly encouraged to sign up for the Case Competition.

“In KMD, we strongly believe in the minds of students. Continuously, we experience our perspectives to be widened when we seek knowledge from the new generation of professionals. And we all share the same mission; to make the future greener. So what is more obvious than welcoming the bright minds of AAU to help us.”

When and where?

CASE WORK: 3th of May


07:45 AM – 08:00 AM: Meet and greet
08:00 AM – 09:00 AM: The case is presented by KMD representatives
09:00 AM – 07:30 PM: Case work in teams + hand-in of the presentations
08:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Case presentations
10:00 PM – 10:30 PM: Selection of the finalists

FINALS: 4th of May


AAU Case Competition final
12.30 PM – 13.00 PM: Registration and hallo
13.00 PM – 14.30 PM: Finals

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The Three Cases

Technology can enable new opportunities, optimize and improve existing solutions and technology to promote innovation.  The three cases all challenge you to consider risks and opportunities, to apply new technologies and to be cautious about/to consider when technology is applicable/beneficial.  You can apply for two of the three cases, but you will be selected for only one of them.

Please note… You will receive more information about the cases on the day. Below is the main theme of the cases, just so you can know a bit about what to choose

Sustainable Development Goals

Choose one or more of the UN sustainable development goals and make a solution that solves it. The Solutions can consist of a business concept and/or a technical concept (speech recognition, computer vision, or machine learning, software, robotics). That is up to you.

– What will it solve, and why is your solution smart?


Imagine that you are a consultant, and you need to make a concept / strategy on one of the following:

– How Denmark can be a technology leader in the future? Or

– How Denmark can attract international talent in the future?


Consider robots such as those of Boston Dynamics and how such technologies can be used to create value. Think of a business or an industry and apply robotics.

– What will it solve, how and why is this smart?

 Remember: Every study can solve the cases! More information will be handed out on the case days. But this information is only to show you what you are to work with.

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You can apply for up to two cases – but you can only work with one of them:

You Are Invited!

We are happy to announce KMD as our Spring 2022 case name. This year’s case competition will invite all students at Aalborg University to participate in our case competition tailored to challenge all participants. We look forward to see your application!

Apply Today!

Challenge yourself and to through to the final to present your case solution – Apply today! It is free to participate and food and drinks will be provided doing the competition.

About KMD

KMD is one of Denmark’s largest software companies and a leading supplier of mission-critical software solutions and IT services primarily to Denmark’s public sector but with a growing footprint in the private sector and in the Nordics. We have played a key role in digitizing Denmark for almost half a century.

KMD is owned by the Japanese NEC Corporation and is a dynamic private business with approximately 3200 employees across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Poland. Among KMD’s subsidiaries are BanqSoft, Edlund and Charlie Tango.

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