Case 2020: TDC 

On this case, you will work with the interplay of digital network technologies and the building and protection of strong communities.

The future calls for hybrid skills. So do the three case tracks of this competition. Therefore, we urge students from all fields – technical as well as non-technical – to participate, and we encourage you to build teams that cut across disciplines and educational programs.

“At TDC, we believe strongly in attracting our future colleagues by building close relationships with them in settings of collaborative problem-solving. AAU Case Competition is exactly such a setting, and it is the perfect opportunity for us to spot the best talent by having them challenge our mindset and help us put technology to use in the best ways possible in the society that we serve.” – TDC 

When and where?

Create  |  Rendsburggade 14  |  9000 Aalborg

07:45 am – 08:00 am: Meet and greet
08:00 am – 09:00 am: The case is presented by TDC representatives
09:00 am – 07:30 pm: Case work in teams + hand-in of the presentations
08:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Case presentations
10:00 pm – 10:30 pm: Selection of the finalists



FINALS: March 19th
Musikkens hus  |  Musikkens Plads 1  |  9000 Aalborg


AAU Case Competition final
13.30 pm – 13.50 pm: Registration
14.00 pm – 15.45 pm: Finals
15.45 pm – 16.15 pm: Networking
16.15 pm – 16.30 pm: Interesting Topic by XX (TBA)
16:30 pm – 16.45: Award Ceremony

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The Three Cases

Today, fast, reliable and secure digital technologies are critical to the upholding of key functions in society and to the everyday interaction of people. We challenge you to use your knowledge, your critical sense, and your creativity to help Aalborg build and protect strong communities in a digital society: How do we use digital technologies wisely in socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable ways? How do we best exhaust their potential? And how do we avoid to the challenges, risks and threats that follow?

B1: How can IoT and 5g solutions make Aalborg a more attractive city for citizens and businesses?

B2: What business initiatives can help build a strong relationship between stakeholders?

B3:  How can we help create a safe environment for citizens in Aalborg?

Please note that the above questions will be presented in-depth on the case days. Therefore, they should be seen as guiding questions that can help you choose your case within your area of expertise, creativity and knowledge from your field of study.

The cases are not limited to any particular educational background, so everyone is invited to apply for AAU Case Competition 2020!

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You can apply for up to two cases – but you can only work with one of them:

You Are Invited!

We are happy to announce TDC as our Spring 2020 case name. This year’s case competition will invite all students at Aalborg University to participate in our case competition tailored to challenge all participants. We look forward to see your application!

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Challenge yourself and to through to the final to present your case solution – Apply today! It is free to participate and food and drinks will be provided doing the competition.

About TDC


TDC has brought people closer together for 140 years. We offer telecommunications, broadband, and TV solutions and services to Danish households, businesses, and public institutions. Serving more than 6 million Danes and owning more than half of the physical and digital communicative infrastructure in Denmark, we are, literally, a life nerve to Danish society.

Our position comes with a huge responsibility. In a digital age, digital infrastructure is critical infrastructure. And it lies with us to make sure that citizens, public institutions, and private companies can travel fast and safely on all the networks that we provide.

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