What is a case competition?

A case competition is a unique opportunity for students to test their academic competencies and business knowhow, by solving a real-life business challenge from the business community. More specifically, a case competition is a competition where students compete in teams to provide the best solution. Each year a new case company will provide a business specific challenge, and offer professional feedback for the solutions given by the students. AAU Case Competition is your opportunity to work with real-life business challenges.
This will happen during the case competition:

  • The final participants are given 24 hours to crack the case
  • Intense work with real-life business challenge from a case company
  • Convert your academic knowledge to a practical challenge
  • Present your solution for an audience and a panel of judges

Case competitions serves as a tool to enhance the students’ CV. Applicants will be selected according to specific criterias set by the case company.

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AAU Case Competition was founded to provide the opportunity for students from Aalborg University to participate in case competitions. AAU CC differentiates itself from the other large case competitions by having a broad and more flexible focus. We do this because Aalborg University offers a variety of programs that contribute to many different skillsets. We perceive this variety of different skillsets to be our strength, since the solutions will be more diverse because they are formulated by students with various unique academic backgrounds.

AAU CC is the opportunity for students to enhance their theoretical knowledge and competencies and to compete against their co-students to come up with the best solution to a real-life specific business challenge.

AAU CC is a match between the business community and university students. The case company will have an opportunity to be offered a wide variety of solutions to the given case. They will also have a chance to show students who they are and to recruit the talents.


AAU Case Competition was established, in collaboration with Aalborg University and AAU Innovation, to facilitate a summer and a winter case competition for students from danish universities.


The strength of AAU Case Competition is represented by the students’ competencies in problem solving, interdisciplinary academic backgrounds and analytic thinking. AAU Case Competition offer every student from law, business and communication to engineering, innovation and IT etc. the chance to compete. We see the strength in diversity.


Our mission is to let AAU Case Competition be the link between the students and the business community. Furthermore it is our mission, to ensure the business community competent recruitment and networking.    

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Our aim is to make AAU Case Competition a national case competition that serves as a tool and a platform to professional employment opportunities for the students. Additionally it is our objective to assist our case companies in recruitment of talents. We want to be a talent factory that develops students’ theoretical knowledge and combine it with business-related skills. Among other things by being an alternative and professional experience for those who participate. We want to be more than just a Case Competition – we want to be a community, a recruitment platform and a complement to the study-programs.


Participants can apply as a team or as individual, who will subsequently be put in a group. All the participants must be enrolled in one of the universities in Denmark.

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