After the economic crisis back in the early 00’s, was the necessity of recruiting new labour for a wide range of companies not that big of a need. The tendency was instead that each company was trying unyielding to find the right match of a new colleague, who could serve in the best interest of this specific company. This kind of search for the new talents of the market is one of the reasons why Case Competitions around the globe has gained a solid ground and been well received. The fight for the talents has become bigger and bigger for the companies, which is why a Case Competition is the perfect platform for the companies to observe and evaluate the students in a real life situation, which would be in perfect contrast to that kind of work they will be doing for that specific company.

In Denmark, we have already seen how Case Competition has popped up in some of the other university cities. Kenneth Dam Røn Jensen, Head of AAU Case Competition, has personally attended in a Case Competition a couple of times in Denmark.


“The great thing about attending is, that your grades doesn’t matter when it comes to creativity and finding a solution, meaning that it’s for everyone. You are getting the opportunity to work interdisciplinary and that is exactly why I thought that the Case Competitions had to come to Aalborg. On Aalborg University we do react on different competences, because we are the wide reaching university”

– Kenneth Dam Røn Jensen, Head of AAU Case Competition


But what is a Case Competition? A Case Competition is basically a competition, in which a number of chosen students have to solve a specific case. The case is made by the chosen Case Company and will be solved during 24 hours in AAU Case Competitions case. After solving the case the students will have to present their prepared case solution for the specific chosen jury. After all of the group presentations, the jury will – during the event – choose the winners of the Case Competition. The winners of the Case Competition will receive a material prize along with the most important prize of them all; far better CV’s. It’s important to remember that it isn’t only the winners who will get something out of the Case Competition, but the other attendants as well. The fact that you have attended and participated in a Case Competition, will not only be a special and recognized mark on our CV, when you are going to search for a job. To attend in a Case Competition are in many ways a mark of respect and most of all a symbol of courage, spirit and skill. It might as well be the perfect window for you to show the best side of yourself to the companies, and thereby maybe bring home an internship. Being a part of AAU Case Competition will therefore be looked upon as a stamp of quality.


“ Building bridges between student life and real life, that’s what you will gain by attending. The student will get some relevant experience, which will teach them to think problem-oriented. They will get the opportunity to solve a problem-based case in the spirit of Aalborg Universities PBL. Furthermore should AAU Case Competition be seen as a kind of multi-tool, meaning that the students gets something out of attending and so does the companies”

– Kenenth Dam Røn Jensen, Head of AAU Case Competition


While AAU Case Competition is the perfect opportunity for the companies, regarding CSR and their recruiting opportunity, is the biggest value to find from the students point of view. Finally we have an event in Aalborg, which is serving in the best interest of the students and their future of development. In sharp corporation with, a soon to be announced international company, the students, who are attending in AAU Case Competition, will achieve the perfect platform for boosting their CV andget a perfect opportunity of being in the spotlight in cahoots of a big company of international reputation.
And do you want to now the best of it? It’s free and it’s for everyone.



The new international students at Aalborg University are engulfed by listening to and about AAU Case Competition at Studenterhuset in Aalborg.